5 Things To Consider During A Bathroom Remodeling


The bathroom is the second most important room in a home after the kitchen. In fact, it is the most frequently visited room in the house, which means appliances (including the floor and walls) are susceptible to faster wear and tear, or aging. This is the reason most homeowners take on bathroom reconstruction and remodeling at least once every few years. Best bathroom remodeling helps reduce dullness in the toilet and helps make it more practical and calming as well.

A few considerations and proper planning are however needed for any bathroom-remodeling project to be successful. This is the reason you need good planning (and budget), work plan, and the help of an experienced remodeler to make it a success. Outlined are five of the considerations you need to make before taking on a bathroom remodeling project.

1. Functionality: One of the main reasons for remodeling a bathroom is to make it practical and improve its functionality. This is especially important for old bathrooms (5 years or older), as most of the appliances and faucets could be broken. Several factors will, however, need to be considered to make the bathroom more practical and up to date. You need to choose between a shower, bathtub, or go for both – some bathroom spaces can accommodate both. If there are young children involved, you may then have to consider them when deciding on the best appliance to install.
2. Longevity: A remodeling exercise can be demanding especially if you need everything replaced. The best way to ensure the effort isn’t in vain is to invest in high-quality faucets, use a universal yet trendy design, as well as consider neutral colors. The color you choose for the bathroom walls will determine whether a makeover will be needed after a few months or not. Professionals, however, recommend going for oil based and neutral paints as they last much longer. In addition to this, you may need to install tubs with grab handles to reduce accidents in the bathroom.

3. The way of life (Lifestyle): Bathroom design and appliances have evolved/changed significantly over the past decade. If your primary aim is to give the bathroom a more modern facelift, you may then have to consider investing in a full bath. This means tearing everything down and reconstructing it afresh. Newer bathrooms are reasonably bigger, more practical and come with other forms of entertainment such as a TV. You will also need to install new cabinets and other faucets required in the bathroom. Seeking an expert’s advice on what to do should make this a possibility.

4. Flooring: The bathroom floor should be handled professionally to avoid mishaps in the long run. You may need to invest in high-quality porcelain or glazed tiles for the floor. Porcelain tiles hold up well as they are tough, and have grip. You need a floor where your feet can find the grip to avoid slip and fall accidents in the same. You should also avoid investing in tiles that demand frequent maintenance as this could be costly at the end.

5. Lighting and other additional features: Installing a new bathtub, hot shower, and a beautiful floor isn’t enough for a bathroom. Factors such as proper lighting, ventilation, and other bathroom fixtures need to be considered very carefully. You need to invest in bulbs that can provide enough light especially when using the bathroom at night, as well as towel clips and cabinets.

If you have already set a budget for the remodeling project but are unsure of what to do, you can always talk to an experienced expert in the same. Finding such experts shouldn’t be hard as you can ask your friends for referrals or just search online for the same. Hiring a remodeler to handle the project is also recommended, as a remodeling project can be messy especially for an inexperienced person.

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