On a Budget? Try These Simple Decorating Ideas for Summer

When the warmer weather rolls around, many people feel it is time to change up the look and feel of their home. However, complicated projects simply are not going to get done. The following tips won’t take much time or much money, but they can completely transform your space.
1. Sewing new pillow covers can make a huge difference in your living room. However, sewing takes time and may not be that easy, depending on your experience level. Instead, opt for a no-sew technique. Take a piece of fabric and wrap the pillow diagonally, as if you were preparing a gift. Then, put a nice ribbon on it to keep everything together. If you want to try a no-sew technique with a tablecloth, simply get some duct tape. The tape can create a hem in a sheet or old tablecloth, so that they will go on your end tables or other pieces. When you get the table set up the way you want, you can add storage underneath to get rid of some of your clutter.
2. Do you want to quickly transform a room? Paint it! However, if you try and do all four walls, you may find that the project takes too long. Instead, pick one wall and make it your focal wall. It will be finished in one sitting and you will love the results.
3. Flowers are beautiful in any home, especially in the summer. However, changing them out is often a pain and can cost a lot of money. To avoid this, plant some sunflower seeds in your yard! They are easy to grow, they look beautiful and they live a long time once they are cut.
4. Declutter your home. Go through your items and figure out what you really want to keep versus what is expendable. You will be amazed at how different your room looks with less “stuff.” Also, when you have less items in a room, you will not have as many things to dust!
5. Take note of the places in your home where you have glass. Go around and clean all of them; when glass looks its best, it really sparkles, which can improve the atmosphere of any home. For example, target things like your television set, picture frames, and appliances. You will be amazed at the difference that something so simple can make! It also doesn’t cost much money to clean glass.
6. Switch up your current decorations so that you can usher in a new season in the right way. For example, you can change the furniture layout of one of your rooms or swap furniture from one room to another. You can put up a blanket or piece of china on the wall, turning it into a focal point. You can also put away some of the small appliances that you do not use very often to get rid of clutter. In addition, consider painting any wooden furniture that is starting to lose its luster.

Whatever changes you decide to go with, make sure you find a look that you love for the summer. Redecorating does not have to be an expensive, lengthy process. Use these tips and learn to love your home again!

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